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Discover New Roots Music From New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers, Randy Lee Riviere, Dulcie Taylor and Will Porter

By JP’s Music Blog

Back in February, singer/songwriter Randy Lee Riviere created a soundtrack to the American West landscape with his new studio album “Wyoming.” It features thirteen original tracks that shows Randy’s deep concern for the environment and the Native American culture. The album begins with the pure country sound of “Lots To Say,” as Randy has seen enough injustice in this country. He picks the energy up with the southern rock groove of “Keep Your Eyes On Your Station,” before slowing down for the serious meaning behind the working force of “Fences.” The big guitar chords of “Riverdale” will grab your attention, as you follow Randy’s storied lyrics, while “Dependence Day” features a softer country rock approach with a serious statement about the sacrifices that were made for this country. He finishes up his new album with the folk tale of “Red Rain” and the instrumental title track “Wyoming,” which soars with a beautiful melody. To find out more about Randy Lee Riviere and his latest release “Wyoming,” please visit