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New Randy Lee Riviere Album coming soon from Wilderness Records

Hi again. I’ve decided not to use exclamation marks anymore. We’ll leave that sort of thing to other folks. So, here’s my big opening sales pitch: we’ve got this new record coming … I’m calling it “Blues Sky”. It’ll be out there soon, and I hope you’ll listen to it and like it. I think you’ll like it a lot.

How did I do?

I’ve been spending some time down in Tennessee on this music journey, and just driving around to get a feel for this red ground so many of my ancestors are buried in. It’s not all about the Nashville music scene and Civil War you know. Nor MAGA hats. I’m finding lots of people here that are just great. It is a notch or two down from that rat race pace, and I’m liking that a lot. Lots of churches. Personally, I mostly think that’s a good thing. But that’s just me … and if you don’t like it, “You can just leave this long-haired country boy alone”. Thanks again Mr. Daniels. Some things are said so good there’s just no good reason to try to paraphrase. And the country is beautiful here. Although Nashville has gotten to be this huge sprawling thing. That’s just the American Way … ‘if we don’t grow we’re dead’ those boys and girls on Wall Street say. But it’s main street here. A cool slice of America. And I love it. If you come to Tennessee, you should get a little ground and a horse I think. Really feel it.

I’m working with Kevin McKendree again at his Rock House studio in Franklin. Feels like home, like it always does. We’re making another record that’s coming out soon … I’m calling this one “Blues Sky”; but I already said that. They say repetition is a good thing … particularly for BS political narratives. There I go again. I guess our most honest assessment of this project is that it is Badass. It feels badass. Like the open country, records should make you feel something, you know … or at least help you learn how to feel. Three chords and the truth, that old wise man said.

I think I’m returning to the rock/country rock/blues rock/folk rock roots I took on growing up. Oh yeah, and some country music. That should narrow it down for you. It’s just music, you know. More blues this time as the title suggests. If you’re compelled to put a finger on some of it, as some sort of a genre, you could think early ZZ Top … a major influence on me back in the 70’s. There’s something about those 3 man power bands! ZZ is special. So sadly, RIP Dusty Hill.

You’ll never find me too far off the ground in my beloved American west. We threw a life-line to my old tune “Needles” … from our first Mad Buffalo album “Good Bad Road”. Needles gets right into what continues to be done to the west (and most everywhere else). I don’t think it pulls many punches. It’s plain about the matter I believe.

The album cover, fresh from the head of my super talented daughter LaNae, inspired me to do this Needles thing once again. It’s kind of a ‘Pink Floyd meets Edward Abbey on the Colorado looking for where he buried the monkey wrenches’ sort of thing. Man, that river was damned.

As usual, much of the material touches on our human condition … which in addition to the reality of just living, works its way into our special world of politics. I mostly avoided the sad subject this time, but it’s in there.

As always, Kevin has been heavy handed in the effort … what a brilliant producer and multi-instrumentalist he is. I haven’t experienced anyone who loves making records as much. And his passion is contagious … such a moving force of exploration and enlightenment. I’ve learned so much from Kevin.

Kevin and I also did some co-writing this time … he’s been trying to wean me away from my perfunctory 20 minute garage jams … good luck with that Kev! And It’s heartwarming to see his other-worldly talented son Yates out there now running the blues scene. This acorn didn’t fall very far from the oak (note that I avoided that explanation mark!) … oh shit, there it is again! Kevin and Laura are so supportive of their kid … a lesson in love for all of us.

So, we’re hoping you dive right into “Blues Sky” … really feel it. I think the water is good.

Cool then,