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Sound Guardian: Randy Lee Reviere, Blues Sky

Randy Lee Riviere slowly entered my musical world and has been a constant part of it ever since. “Blues Sky” is an album released on October 20 by Wilderness Records, while Michelle Castiglia is doing the worldwide radio promotion through her promotional company MACRadio Promotions.

These striking almost 39′ will provide you with a musical environment in which you will feel comfortable. Namely, his very interesting mixture of outlaw country, roots music and blues rock is combined with lyrics that warn and make you think what will happen in the future.

The great gig is grounded in blues/rock, with Rand’s narrative performances, which are actually far from some striking vocal modulations. But what really attracts listeners is a very acceptable, hypnotic background music that completely haunts you, regenerates you and opens up completely new musical solutions. Namely, Randy does not work like others, he works in his own way with impressive production solutions by Grammy winner Kevin McKendree (guitars/keyboards and vocals). There is no doubt, the album has some really brilliant moments with strong, very impressive songs that will win you over with both the music and the lyrics. Such a combination guarantees that these threads will literally roar for you 39′.

Credit also goes to the musicians: Kenneth Belvins (drums), David Santos (bass), McCrary Sisters: Ann, Regina & Freda McCrary (vocals). All together, of course, they are very much responsible for the fact that this album is worth having in your music library.


This is not beginner material, you could screw up very easily and be left in the wind if you’re not used to what I’m listening to. That’s why the album, signed by Randy Lee Riviere, is absolutely aimed at those who know the material relatively well. If you belong to that group, go ahead, if not, you probably just need a little more and that’s it. You, too, will soon enter a new, different world, and there is no end to that story,

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